Victor Bissonnette

Victor is a founding partner at Unified Fine Arts. He began logging experience in the field nearly 20 years ago while still in high school. Because he found his path in life early, he’s traveled it well and often.

And he feels he’s learned from the best along the way. Victor’s journey included working for well-regarded companies such as FAE while gaining extensive logistical knowledge, resource management skills and fine-art handling techniques that high-end clients find invaluable.

At Unified Fine Arts, he’s the go-to guy for day-to-day operations and project management, and works closely with David Jensen on all business-planning decisions. Plus, whenever need be, he’s still rolling up his sleeves and working in the field as an ace art handler and driver.

When he’s not business planning and helping manage the day-to-day operations at Unified Fine Arts, he likes to grab his boat and catch a few bass.

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Whether you're new to the art-collecting scene or your house doubles as a gallery for acquisitions, you must call on a storage and installation company you trust. Unified Fine Arts lists dozens of local galleries and private collectors—including The Rachofsky House—as clients. Plus, their 17,000-square-foot warehouse has all the latest in security and fire control.

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